Courteous Meeting

I have quite a few addictions…shoes, bags, jewellery… but the worst of them is for coats.
Every aspects of coats interest me : their shape, colour, fabric, the era (vintage…),the utility of them…
Usually I see a coat and visualise a look around it. You can be really playful with them, you can belt it to create a feminine silhouette, add an accessory (a brooch for exemple), or by adding a fur collar, and even by changing the buttons it will transform the simplest coat.
And you don’t need to feel restricted in the search fo the perfect coat : you can try charity shops (where I found the one I’m wearing on the picture, a bargain !!), second-hand shops, even flea markets.
Cos coats are really amazing as well for the quality of their fabric and their interesting shape.
Winter is going to be long…so have a nice treasure hunt ! Xxx S.D.

coat : charity shop | skinny leather trousers : H&M (shop here ) | shoes : Zara | belt : Hobbs | necklace : Zara


Galeophobia or Selachophobia

Bump Bump … Bump Bump… Bumpumpumpumpumpum…there you are, a couple of notes and you conjure up images of the ominous tail fin protruding out of the water, wide open bloody mouth with razor sharp teeth and cold emotionless eyes. 

Everyone of my generation is still afraid of the John Williams epic theme of Jaws. It still petrifies me whenever I get in the sea : I experience a shortens of breath that triggers a rapid breathing, my mouth dries out, follows an inability to articulate a shout and an excessive sweating. And I am pretty sure it has ruined the sea for generations of potential swimmers, snorkelers, divers and surfers. 

How could you not fear the shadow of the deemed scary Great White shark and its often seven raws of replacement teeth, who often goes through more than 30,000 teeth in a lifetime? Well the answer is simple (in theory...) if you meet a mindless eating machine face to face in the open water, just remind him that you do not taste nor look like a seal. If the creature of the devil does not seem to agree then, kindly suggest that, maybe, it should go to Specsavers! (A.D)

jeans shirt : H&M | skirt : H&M | shoes : Zara


Medusa & Brutus

    Last winter, at Sainsbury’s, a man approached me with a big smile and told me :” Cruella Deville ?!”, it took me 5 seconds to move from my grocery list concentration to a brief introspective look…and I laughed….I was wearing a long black fur coat with a white collar and my usual natural white lock of hair. Then he replied :”you need a dalmatian now !!! ‘ ,”of course ! but I’m more into cats myself…”.

    For this post, we took for inspiration another famous evil woman , Madame Medusa , from the  film 'The Rescuers', with her two cherished crocodiles “Brutus and Nero”, it’s one of the scariest Walt Disney ever. And why so many evil and cruel woman in so many of Walt Disney movies and fairy tales ??
    Anyway, I still love fur coats (vintage !), still have a white lock of hair, like walking a crocodile but I promise you I’m just a little and inoffensive mouse ! xxx S.D.

dress : H&M (shop here) | shoes : Zara (shop here) | belt : H&M (shop similar here) | necklace : H&M (current in shops) | bag : lady Dior


Quest for Fire

Along with September invariably comes a certain disregard for our cannibalistic consumerism society. This recurrent feeling comes, I believe, from some memorable and brilliantly crafted short stories by Italo Calvino studied during my italian classes in Year 12 : 'Marcovaldo'.
Marcovaldo is a antihero who struggles against the caprices of fate and the irrational abuses of capitalism and technological society.

In a story near the end of the collection, 'Marcovaldo at the supermarket', Marcovaldo and his family visit with empty pockets, a 'self-service supermarket', ostensibly to shop, but in reality to gawk at the consumer goods. Initially each member of the family pushes a cart through the supermarket, simply looking longingly at the goods lining the shelves. Then, Marcovaldo, having instructed his wife and children not to touch anything, makes a rapid turn at one of the intersections to elude his family. Once out of sight, he places goods in his cart: he wants to experience the pleasure of satisfying his desires if only for ten minutes. Like Marcolvado, his wife and children peel off down different aisles, collecting their desirables.

What a better way to confront my demons than a forced trip to the famous 'do it yourself' scandinavian home shop? I was able to rub shoulders with hundreds of ghosts Marcovaldos obsessed with blind consumerism...  (A.D) 

skirt : Zara (shop here) | feather cape : Topshop (shop here) | silk cream blouse :  Ted Baker | shoes : Zara